About Us

The Department of Statistics is one of those departments of the University that started functioning in a rented building in Gulgasht Colony right from the establishment of the University in 1975. It was shifted to “Statistics and Mathematics Block” at the University Campus in 1987. Presently, the Department is situated in a newly constructed building, adjacent to the older one. Besides its very humble start, the Department can now be compared with top ranking teaching departments of the subject in Pakistan. The teaching faculty of the Department consists of twelve teachers; eight of them hold Ph.D. degrees while four of them hold M.Phil. degrees and currently, pursuing their Ph.D.

Data Analysis

To get flawless connection with the current world, we need a rapid transportation of information. This need can be fulfilled by the frequent use of computer and emerging technology. The Department has equipped its laboratories with the latest computers, multimedia projectors, scanners, and audio-visual system. These laboratories provide all the facilities for Computing Statistics, Data Processing, Computer Programming and Data Analysis for research. Modern statistical packages/ languages like R, STATA, MINITAB, E-Views, and SPSS, etc. are made available to the faculty members and researchers in the computer laboratory of the Department.

The Department is connected with the University Local Area Network (LAN) Server, providing internet facilities to the teachers, research scholars and the students. Printing services, with high quality printers, are also available.
The Department has a well-established library containing a variety of about 5000 books and a collection of prominent research journals of the subject. The Department does not believe in quantity solely, therefore, good quality, expensive and rare books are also made available in the library. An audio-visual system has also been acquired to exhibit recorded lectures of experts of national and international repute to the students. Study tours of the students to various Statistics Departments/ Institutions and Organizations are also being arranged by the Department as a part of its study program to highlight the importance and implementation of Statistics in practical life.

Since its inception, the Department has been offering classes of M.Sc. Statistics. Over 2000 students have been awarded Master of Science in Statistics. A regular Ph.D. Program in Statistics has been going on since 2005. Moreover, many HEC awardees are also pursuing their research here as the Department has HEC accredited supervisors among its faculty. The Department started M.Phil. leading to Ph.D. program in 2001 on regular basis.

The Department is actively involved in research activities under supervision of the senior faculty members of the Department. The Department participates enthusiastically, in all the activities for the promotion of research in the subject everywhere in Pakistan. The presentation of a variety of research papers, seminars, and lectures delivered by the faculty members and students at different forums are the testimony of its agility.
The graduates of the Department are employed in the Government, Semi Government, non-Govt. and Private Organizations.

Why do graduate study in Statistics?

Better Data, Better Lives

Statistics lies at the heart of quantitative reasoning and analyses that is essential for solving problems in diverse contexts and to add substance to decisions. Statistical skills enable intelligent data collection, analyses and interpretation for decision support in various fields e.g., economics, business and public policy, as well as for research and development in various science disciplines, such as medicine, bioinformatics, forensics, image reconstruction and several others. No doubt, Statistics is the only subject of its own that can bridge-up many disciplines through data and analysis. On October 20, 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrated the World Statistics Day with slogan, “Better Data… Better Lives…”!

The demand for statisticians is currently high and growing fast. Very few other disciplines offer you with as wide a range of employment possibilities as Statistics does.

Many areas can give you a wide range of employment possibilities. If you want to serve as an academician, to work in an industry, to do some business, to get expertise in the field of agriculture, to work for the health sector, to provide private consultancy or to become an integral part of an organization of planning and many more…! A degree in statistics can help to prepare you for any of these.

Our graduates are working in the industry, various research centers involved in agricultural research, medical research, market research companies, insurance companies, investment banks, in public sector analysis and planning, as well as in universities as academicians.

Vision & Mission

A number of specialties have evolved in which statistical methods are being applied to various disciplines including economics, sociology, psychology, management sciences, agricultural & food sciences and engineering etc. The core research projects in all the stated disciplines are crucially based on statistical methods. The primal mission of the Department is to cater the needs of these disciplines by producing its potential graduates who will be able to serve the community and providing a “Help Desk” to address the asking analytical needs.

Note: The Department acknowledges the volunteered services of Dr. Muhammad Imdad Ullah for his assistance in the development of this website.