The Department of Statistics is one of those departments of the University that started functioning right from the establishment of the University in 1975. Besides its very humble start, the Department can now be compared with top-ranking teaching departments of the subject in Pakistan. The teaching faculty of the Department consists of twelve teachers; nine of them hold Ph.D. degrees and the remaining are pursuing the same. The Department is presently offering all the academic programs, from BS to Ph.D. Level.

However, since its inception, the Department does not have any alumni or association. An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future. Now educational institutions are changing the way they see and interact with their alumni community. With the advent of Social Media, alumni relationship has taken a different flavour altogether. Universities have started to harness the power of alumni through various networking platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. by creating their alumni groups and profiles on them.

Keeping in view the need of time, the Department of Statistics intended to initiate its Alumni, that is, Zakariyan Alumni of Statistics (ZAS). This Alumni has been approved by the Competent Authority of BZU. Now with the cooperation of the enrolling ZAS members, the ZAS would start to function in order to knit a network of the Zakariyan graduates in Statistics that may play its vital role to meet the emerging needs in the domain of Statistics.

Approved Body of the ZAS:

At present, the approved body of the ZAS is as under:

  • Patron-in-chief: The Vice-Chancellor, BZU, Multan
  • Founding President: Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Department of Statistics, BZU, Multan.
  • Senior President: Prof. Dr. Aman Ullah, Department of Statistics, BZU, Multan.
  • Secretary: Dr. Atif Akbar, Department of Statistics, BZU, Multan.
  • Joint Secretary: Mr. Shakeel Ahmad, Department of Statistics, BZU, Multan.