List of Ph.D. Students

Sr. No.Year of CompletionScholarSupervisorTitle
12019 Muhammad Kashif Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aman Ullah/ Dr. Muhammad Aslam New Diagnostic Methods for Influential Observations in Linear Regression with some Biased Estimation Methods
22019Iftikhar AhmadProf. (R) Dr. Ijaz IqbalConstruction of Circular and Linear Blocks Neighbor Designs
32018Maqsooda ParveenProf. Dr. Ijaz IqbalConstruction of Dialel Cross Design by Using the Method of Cyclic Shifts
42018Afshan SaeedDr. Muhammad AslamImproved Inference of Panel Data Model with Unknown Heteroscedasticity
52017Muhammad Imdad UllahDr. Muhammad AslamAddressing Linear Regression Models With Correlated Regressors: Some Package Development R
62016Muhammad AminDr. Muhammad Aman Ullah/
Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Influence Diagnostic Methods in Generalized Linear Models With Biased Estimators
72016Saima AfzalDr. Muhammad Mutahir IqbalEvolving Trends in Independent Component Analysis with Application
82016Muhammad AbdullahProf. Dr. G. R. PashaEstimation of Balanced and Unbalanced Dynamic Panel Data Models
92013Uzma NawazProf. Dr. Asghar AliModeling Multivariate Biomedical Data
102013Azhar SaleemProf. Dr. G. R. PashaModeling the Behavior of Pakistani Married Women Towards Contraceptive Use
112012Muhammad Aman UllahProf. Dr. G. R. PashaInfluence Analysis of Some Alternative to Ordinary Least Squares Estimator in parametric Regression Models
122012Tahira Bano QasimProf. Dr. G. R. PashaEstimating and Forecasting of Financial Time Series Volatility in Pakistan with Regime-switching GARCH Models
132012Zamir HussainProf. Dr. G. R. PashaFlood Frequency Analysis of River Systems of Pakistan, Using L-Moments
142012Munir AhmedProf. Dr. G. R. PashaImproved Inference under Heteroscedasticity of Unknown form a New Class of Bootstrap and Nonparametric Estimators
152012Atif Akbar Prof. Dr. G. R. PashaRobust Nonparametric Regression Estimation with Non-Gaussian Errors and Bandwidth Optimization
162006Muhammad AslamProf. Dr. G. R. PashaAdaptive Procedures for Estimation of Linear Regression Models with Known and Unknown Heteroscedastic Errors
172002Akbar Ali ShahProf. Dr. G. R. PashaForecasting Rare Events by Distribution Method
182000Muhammad AleemProf. Dr. G. R. PashaContribution to the Theory of Order Statistics and Selection Procedures for Restricted Families of Probability Distributions