Statistics is a subject that is relevant to every field of life for the collection, summarization, and presentation of information in the most efficient manner. It is also used in analyzing and interpreting the results and modeling of real-life situations. Highly qualified and trained statisticians are, therefore, the basic need of every nation for the development of its socio-economic setup. To meet such challenges, the Department of Statistics started M.Phil. classes in 2001. The study of M.Phil. is a two-year training. During the first & second semesters, students undergo the course work and in their remaining year, they are given a research task. During this period, the students are given full training of advanced research to meet the requirements of the nation.

Aims and Objectives

The major aims and objectives of the M.Phil. Statistics program, are to develop a solid foundation for the effective operational and strategic decisions using statistical theory in almost every discipline and to involve the graduates with the help of project-based activities so that they can be trained to pursue the higher degrees and research in the field of Statistics.


A candidate who has passed the M.Sc. (Statistics) is eligible for admission provided that he/ she has secured at least 50% marks in M.Sc. (Statistics) under Annual System or at least 2.50 CGPA under Semester System and has qualified Admission test (Subject-based) conducted by BZU. A candidate who has passed BS (4-Year) in Statistics is also eligible with at least 2.50 CGPA in BS (4-Year) in Statistics provided that he/ she has passed the admission test, described above.
Note: Admissions in M.Phil. Statistics program are offered subject to the minimum enrolment of 15 students.

Computation of Merit

The merit will be determined according to the criteria laid down by the University.