Statistical tools are important in all the applied sciences and are becoming very demanding day by day. Many emerging fields require analysis of bundles of data, related to marketing, finance, insurance, business, and management, etc. There is a constant demand for such a degree that connects both business management and academia while using statistical tools and techniques. Therefore, the Department started a master level program of Business Statistics and Management. This program combines a thorough training in Statistics with the domain of business management. The core objective of the stated program is to develop quantitative analytical skills, useful for a career business, management commerce, and industry. Therefore, the Department has started a master level (evening) program of Business Statistics and Management.

Aims and Objectives

The major aims and objectives of the M.Sc. Business Statistics and Management are to develop a solid foundation for the effective operational and strategic decisions using statistical theory in almost every discipline and to involve the graduates with the help of project-based activities so that they can be trained to pursue the higher degrees and research in the field of Statistics.


A candidate who has passed graduation examination from any University of Pakistan or an equivalent examination recognized by the University is eligible for admission to M.Sc. Business Statistics and Management provided that the candidate has secured at least 45% marks in B.A/ B.Sc. or equivalent examination.
Note: Admissions in M.Sc. Business Statistics and Management program are offered subject to the minimum enrolment of 25 students.

Computation of Merit

The merit will be determined according to the criteria laid down by the University.