In the present world, no subject can survive without the involvement of its students in having higher qualifications, training, and advancements in research activities. Therefore, the instigation of the Ph.D. degree program was the need of time. The regular program for the Ph.D. degree was started in 2005. It has already been mentioned that the Department has produced 21 Ph.D. scholars while a number of scholars are pursuing their research. The Department has 07 available potential Ph.D. supervisors among its regular faculty, including 04 HEC approved supervisors.

Aims and Objectives

The major aims and objectives of the Ph.D. program, in Statistics, are to develop solid foundation for the effective operational and strategic decisions using statistical theory in almost every discipline and to involve the graduates with the help of project-based activities so that they can be trained to pursue the higher degrees and research in the field of Statistics.


As stated by the University.

Computation of Merit

As stated by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.